Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back Momentarily & Just Because

Hello, friends! I've emerged from the cave of newbornland just to say "hi," and to introduce my new baby girl.

Willoday Tiger Dodson
Born May 1, 2013

The names: "Willoday" is a family name on my husband's (the Dodson's) side, and Tiger is a family name on my side (the Crawford side--my great-grandmother's maiden name, to be exact). We're calling her "Willa." Mostly this is for one of my favorite American novelists, Willa Cather. Also because we think it's retro and cool. 

Today marks Day 29 of Willa's life, and we've been ensconced like all new parents are in sleepless nights, busy days, and what we're calling the-distracting-of-the-3-year-old-sister. Said sister, Wylie, is quite proud. Now if we can only keep her from waking Willa up....

There won't be much coming from me here for a little while longer, but just for fun, check out these AWESOME headphones my super-cool husband brought me from his most recent business trip.

Yes, that's Wonder Woman. I'm hiding behind her because I haven't showered or slept in 29 days.

Just kidding. I've showered.

Well, a couple of times.

See y'all soon!

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Hallie Sawyer said...

Welcome sweet Willa! I can't believe it's been 29 days already! She looks so adorable and great to see your shining face again even if it is only half.

Hugs to you all. xo