Thursday, April 11, 2013

Show & Tell Friday (okay, Thursday) - The Local Edition

* I’m posting this today because I’ll be away from my desk all day tomorrow. Enjoy!

Oh, Spring has officially sprung! (Winter, cover your ears.)

This week it hit a high of 82 in my mountains–yes, I like to call them mine, sort of like Stephen, the mad Irishman in the movie Braveheart, who calls Ireland “my island.” Love that guy.

Anyway, the birds are singing, dogs barking in glee, flowers blooming, and the walkers, runners and bikers are out in full force. What a glorious time of year!

Some fabulous things to share today, mostly regional/local. Enjoy!

1.) I’m a graduate of Clemson University, and I earned a double degree in both English and
Speech & Communications Studies, which was a relatively new major when I was there. So I was thrilled to discover that Clemson University’s Debate Team won the National Educational Debate Association’s national tournament! For the last six years, this title has been won by Ball State, but my Tigers–a rookie team just started in 2012–took it this year. As a grad, I love it when my alma mater does well. Check them out here.
2.) Writers, check out debut author Shannon Huffman Polson’s post at SheWrites about the publishing process of her first book, which also coincided with a miscarriage. It’s a memoir called North of Hope, and Huffman’s story of the book coming to life–and of her personal journey as a mother–is well worth reading.


3.) The Assault on the Carolinas, Brevard NC’s big bad road race, is this weekend!
Everyone is gearing up, including local breweries and bands. Head to the mountains for a racing good time!

4.) The Cradle of Forestry in Pisgah National Forest will have its opening day this Saturday, April 13th. Step back in time to the days of the first forestry school in America. There’ll be Percheron draft horses plowing the fields, old-time fiddle music, arts and crafts, and so many other cool Blue Ridge traditions to discover along the Biltmore Campus Trail! For more information, click here.

On a side note, my entire family and I are big fans of Pisgah National Forest, and of the Cradle. It’s cool enough having a national forest as your unofficial back yard, but the Cradle hosts an innumerable amount of fun events over the course of the Spring, summer and Fall. If you’re from nearby, it’s a no brainer to head on up to cooler heights. And if not, believe me when I tell you, it’s worth the drive!

Don’t believe me? Here’s a shot of my daughter from the Forest Festival Day and International Woodsmen’s Meet back in October. The dimples only appear when she’s really happy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adventures in the Twittersphere

Tweeting is fun. I had no idea.

I’ve decided it’s sort of like the guilty pleasure of reading U.S.A. Today on airline flights: you get all this great info, though brief, and it’s usually entertaining. Kind of like a buffet created only for you–based only on your tastes and interests.

I’m still figuring it out. I think I’ve only made about 24 “tweets” so far, and who knows if anyone is even interested. But I’m getting help from my husband, the marketing guy, and from new friends like the writer and blogger Hallie Sawyer, and others, who’ve suggested some wonderful folks for me to follow. Where else could I get news of my beloved Clemson Tigers, conditions on the Blue Ridge Parkway, my favorite literary journals, upcoming new episodes of NCIS (our family TV obsession), new books, cool songwriters, and more?

Better than a buffet, it’s like an ICE CREAM buffet. With all sorts of goodness–Reese’s Cups, M&Ms, sprinkles, hot fudge, Gummy Bears, crumbled candy bars, real whipped cream–just waiting to be piled upon whatever flavor you choose.

Raise your hand if you can tell I’m pregnant.

Anyway, I do hope you’ll follow me on Twitter @WritingScott. I’ll try to be interesting. And if you’ve got any great advice about navigating the Twittersphere, or know of fun folks to follow, I hope you’ll fill me in!