Friday, January 24, 2014

Where I Write

So, if you've been following along you already know I live in a whirlwind of small children, husband, dog, graduate school, tiny house, and soon to be jobs, plural. I'm not very good at keeping it all straight. I'm not very good at telling the small children-husband-dog-jobs-grad school to take a hike so I can write for a while.

I think even the baby would laugh if I told her to take a hike so I could write. Besides, where would she go? It's 5 degrees outside.

I would not trade this life. Not for nuthin', honey. But still. It's a lovely little mess.

Would you like to see where I write in this mess?

Awesome. Here's my desk. It's in the corner of our living room, which along with the kitchen is one L-shaped room:


I'm in the process of New Year's cleaning. Pretty much everything that was on that white shelf to the left of the desk has now been dumped onto my desk and dumped on the floor to the right of the desk. I'm not sure why it's all still there, and such a pig sty. I told my cleaning lady and my life coach to take care of this already.
See the bright orange, Columbia Omni-heat jacket hanging on my desk chair? I can't zip it up (baby weight. argh) but it's saving my fanny this week, nonetheless.

Here's another shot of my writing corner:


Keep in mind that this is in the same room as the living room, the fireplace, and the kitchen.
I'd hem and haw and try to convince you that it's usually much, much tidier than this, but even without all the junk that had been taking over the shelf, it's usually pretty messy. See: I'm speaking my truth in 2014.

But I agree with Albert Einstein: "A neat desk is a sign of a sick mind."

Okay, so the quote's been mangled a bit over the years, but surely that's what Einstein meant.

Here's a shot of the desk itself. I don't understand why I'm behind on "thank you" notes and still sending Christmas cards out in late January. Really, it's a mystery.

Last but not least, my unofficial writing partner for the past 10+ years. Her bed is next to my desk. She's faithful, steady, true, and completely unbiased.

But I am in the process of an overhaul, so pictures of the (heaven help me) clean and organized and pretty-pretty writing area to come after the weekend. And if you have any ideas for how I can make this space work better, send them on!
Happy Weekend, all!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Review at Book-alicious Mama
Woke up this morning to find a new review of Keowee Valley over at Book-alicious Mama, a fantastic--and fantastically thorough, interesting, and smart--book blog written by Jennifer Smeth. I'm a follower, because Jennifer blogs daily about great books, answering all the questions I tend to have when I'm looking for a new read. I'm in awe of the amount of time and effort she spends posting: she truly delves deeply into each book, getting at its unique center. She must have stacks of books waiting to be read!

It really does make me happy to know that people are still reading and enjoying Keowee Valley. To read the review, go here. And if you're looking for new reads, I highly recommend following her blog!