Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Readers, and the Writing of Friend

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Some days the sun just chooses to shine. In reality, in Western North Carolina today our weather's been cloudy and stormy. But the sun is shining in my Inbox. And for that I am thankful.

This morning I woke to two fabulous messages in my email Inbox, which I happened to catch as I was racing through the house trying to get myself and my two year-old ready to head to the Forest with a friend. I was literally skating through our living room in my river sandals, dodging Trigger (my daughter's rocking horse) and Scout (our real dog, who decided she'd be a third leg and make me feel especially guilty that I wasn't taking her with us) when a particular email address on my laptop screen caught my eye.

Here's why: Last night after I'd just finished the new release of a bestselling author I particularly admire--her novels are gorgeous and fabulous and lovely and soulful and with an awesome little Southern (as in the Southern U.S.) - Italian kick--I decided to write to this same author, asking if she'd be willing to read my novel, KEOWEE VALLEY, and if she liked it, to offer a blurb.

Well, she'd written back by this morning, not only graciously agreeing (wooohoooo!) but also congratulating me and encouraging me to "enjoy the moment." Her email was genuine and kind, and I'm still glowing from it.

Then, next to this message was another fabulous little ray of sunshine: A message from blogger Michelle Griep, a writer and reviewer who has an advance review copy of KEOWEE VALLEY. She loves the novel, she said, so much so that she mentioned it in her blog today. She'll be formally reviewing KEOWEE VALLEY for Novel Reviews when it's published late this summer.


Bascially, it's been a good day. Even the dog has forgiven me.

Henry David Thoreau
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But before I forget, please check out my writer-friend Christine Byl's blog post at Beacon Broadside, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of Henry David Thoreau's Walden. Christine's debut, DIRT WORK, is forthcoming from Beacon Press in 2013. If you've ever wanted to head off into the woods, or to the beach, or to anywhere, alone, to sit and examine the natural world and your place in it... heck, if you've ever wanted to simplify, Thoreau is to be thanked.

May there be more sunny days ahead for us all.

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Anonymous said...

What a pal you are! Thanks for this mention. What a great preview of your book on that other blog! I can't wait to read it.