Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Author Photo

I should've titled this post, "Holy freaking moly, my photo is going to be on the back cover of a book that people are going to SEE."

To relieve my anxiety, I'm taking a poll.

Over the holiday weekend, my husband took some photographs of me at my family's lake house in South Carolina, one of which I may use as my author photo on the back cover of my novel. The setting is perfect (even though you can't see much of it), because behind me are the Blue Ridge Mountains, a landscape that's an integral part of KEOWEE VALLEY.

All the literature says that the best book cover author photos are forward-facing head shots that are in color, and that reflect the spirit of the author.

But trying to decide which photo to send to my publisher is giving me a receding hairline. And (more) wrinkles. Will y'all please help?

In the spirit of forthrightness, I'll let you know that I may not use any of your suggestions. But I probably will.

I beg you to be kind.

Please rank in order of importance (1 = like the best, 3 = like the least) the following photos. Or, heck, if you only like one, list one. Whatever works for you:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

I realize they all look ridiculously alike, and could use more "touching up." I swear this isn't a vanity exercise: I'm honestly anxious about the decision. So any help will help.

Big virtual hugs--and good joojoo--to all who respond.

P.S. We attempted some "serious author shots" (me not smiling), but I just looked ridiculous.

P.S.S. It wouldn't be unethical, would it, if I used a photograph of Salma Hayek instead?


Anonymous said...

Definately the first one.... GORGEOUS! Who needs Salma Hayek with this blond around!!!!


Katherine S. Crawford said...

Awww, thanks M.A.! You're not biased at all... ;-)

Controlling The Horvat Chaos said...

Katie I think #1 is great. You have such a beautiful smile and it will look wonderful on the back of a book :)

Katherine S. Crawford said...

What a lovely compliment. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Gabe and I both vote #1, hands down. Looks the most relaxed. Were you wearing colored contacts?? Was the light crazy bright? Or are your eyes really that bluely amazing and I somehow forgot??

I know just what you're going through, currently choosing one myself. Will send you a link!

Anonymous said...

One and then the third if needed. Looking good.


Anonymous said...

One!!!! Tash

Katherine S. Crawford said...


Thanks! Looks like that's the general consensus. No colored contacts, but a combo of being around water, which seems to make my eyes look brighter for some reason, and mostly our camera. We have no idea how it works, but it takes great pictures without us doing anything but pushing a button!

Got your photos and love them! Emailed you back with my preferences. This is an exercise in agony, isn't it? Ha.


Katherine S. Crawford said...


Thanks, lady! I think I'm going with #1. Seems to be everyone's favorite.

Hope you are well! Can't wait to see you in Sept.!


Rachael M. said...

I missed this. I know it's too late, but I really like the 3rd one. It looks just like you (you know what I mean?)

Katherine S. Crawford said...

Thanks, Rachael! I'm still vacillating between #s 1 and 3....