Monday, August 27, 2012

New Publication Date for Keowee Valley

Hi, all!

Just got word from my publishers that the new, official publication date for Keowee Valley is September 27. In addition, pre-orders will be available within the next two weeks at places like, etc. So exciting!

More from me soon when things calm down about the tail end of the publication journey. For now, I'm wallowing in my last night at the beach with family and friends.


Anonymous said...


It's getting awfully close, isn't it?
This may mark me as a complete dork, but the thing I love about your cover is that title font... It has a wonderfully historical riff without being cliched. I would pick it up on the font alone, I think.

Did I mention YEEHAW?

Katherine S. Crawford said...


I'm totally pysched. It doesn't seem real! And so glad you like the cover--I'm pretty darn happy with it, too. The font of the title is close to the Cherokee syllabary font, so that makes me smile.

What a big year for us both!