Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sleigh Riding, Ice Skating & Snowshoeing, Oh My!

What a glorious day! The Village of Johnson Winter Festival was today, and so I went to my studio early this morning to write, then after lunch joined the fun. There was a sleigh ride through the forest and along the Gihon River (a REAL sleigh--no wheels), ice skating near the elementary school, then snowshoeing up on the Prindle Property: a gorgeous piece of land (24 acres)in the hills near the village. I got to hang out with two great dogs: Cody, a black lab, who was one of the wrangler's dogs; and Philomena, a yellow lab mix who went on the snowshoeing trek with us and leapt through the more than three feet of snow with pure joy. To top it off, I had a cup of coffee at the cafe with a new friend before heading back to my studio to write before dinner.

Enjoy the photos!

Photos include: Inside of Kowalsky House (my residence for the month); looking at ALL our wine choices; sunset view from my bedroom window; sleigh ride, draft horses and Percherons; ice skating; and snowshoeing, roadside views, horses and barns.

P.S. I finally wore my thermal underwear for the first time today, and boy did I need it!

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Rachael M. said...

Erm - Is it bad that I recognize three of those wine bottles without being able to see the names? LOL.