Thursday, February 21, 2008

Magic Under the Moon

Last night was a full moon lunar eclipse, so I hope y'all got to see it! It was gorgeous, and won't happen again until 2010.

Here at the VSC, folks built a huge bonfire and we all gathered to wish one of the staff members a happy birthday and to hang out under the moon. Good times were had by all. And I was extremely impressed by the huge bonfire built entirely on snow!

Tomorrow, my Mom, my Aunt Jean-Marie, and my cousin Lindsay fly into Burlington to spend the weekend here. We're staying at Nye's Family B&B, and I'm thrilled. Though it's in the teens, temperature-wise, today, here's hoping we get "balmy" Vermont weather this weekend... maybe in the 30s! We're going to do some exploring and sight-seeing, probably head into Stowe and visit the Trapp Family Lodge, of The Sound of Music fame.

I can't wait to see my family!

Enjoy the photos! There are some from a walk a friend and I took yesterday in the frigid cold, a couple of the eclipse, and also some from the bonfire.

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Rachael M. said...

When you post photos next to one another, they just hide underneath your other info. I am not sure why this happens, or why they have it set up to not automatically bump to the next line if the blog is set up to read linear.

I just thought you'd want to know we can't see half your photos!

Have fun with the fam! Go to Burlington!!!!