Monday, August 25, 2008

Backpacking in the Shining Rock Wilderness

Spent a glorious overnight with my fabulous friend Liddell, and dog Scout, in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area of western North Carolina--a pristine lay of mountainous land accessible from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We hiked out from the Black Balsalm parking "lot" on Saturday morning, and headed 6 miles or more into Shining Rock, where we found a beaut of a campsite in an enchanted glen. We ate mac-in-cheese, woke to chill and mist, played on huge blocks of white quartzite, and had a great time. We hiked back out on Sunday, ran into a group of High Rocks Fall campers with an old friend of ours as their guide, and headed home in different directions. Scout and I spent Sunday on the same couch, sore and happy.

As Liddell likes to say, "We are good at life. We are definitely winning."

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Ashley said...


We need to plan a weekend. Sorry I had to bail on girls' lake weekend. So much on the mind and spirit at the time.

When are you NOT going to a Clemson game? We can plan something then. :)