Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Photos from the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness

Here are the photos from the hike I described in the post below, as promised:


akkjkuna said...

Oh kiddo - the memories you are bringing to me are flooding me with nostalgia! I am SO GLAD you are having this adventure and can share some of my experiences. Just because I love my life now doesn't mean I can't miss the more rugged and adventurous years!
XOXOXOX Aunt Kathleen

MumboJumbo said...

Katie- Your aunt Kathleen also speaks for me. Please continue to take us with you -I'm excited about the territory ahead.

-Bill Campbell

Vinegar Martini said...

Can you melt down some of that snow and ship it back to Georgia? Our drought is ridiculous and everything is ugly brown. Or as your husband used to say as a child - Uggy!

Yes - this is the blogger alter ego of your favorite sister in law! Consider yourself linked! LOL!

It sounds like you're having a blast and the scenery is gorgeous! We do miss you though! Have fun and come home with some wonderful memories and stories to share!

Oh - Scout is the unofficial mascot of the Under 8 Girls Soccer Team - The Panthers - this Saturday. I'll send you pictures!

Much love!